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Healing the present to create your future

Healing the present
      to create your future

Welcome to Mindful Healing


  • Mindful healing is the conscious awareness of the body, mind, and spirit in the present moment
  • To create calm by giving attention to the process of creating through healing
  • To transcend suffering through divine intervention and faith
  • With the intention to become sound or whole
  • Mindful healing teaches us how to get out of the way
  • Our thoughts create the reality and the unquestioned truth of who we believe we are
  • How we respond to these thoughts will directly effect our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wholeness
  • We are unique beings with different experiences and how we learn to face challenges as individuals is our own
  • Mindful healing teaches you how to get out of the way


Like many of us led towards healing, I too have been traveling this road for as long as I can remember. Fumbling in the darkness, searching for the light, hoping to find answers to the questions that will lead to solutions. Why is this happening, what’s the reason, and how will I feel better?

Not one to step away from a challenge and born with a curious, intuitive mind, I consistently work to find the solutions. Personally, the answers unfold before me through teachings, performing, study, parenting and counseling. I’ve been fortunate to connect and be mentored by other’s who travel this road alongside me and we all ask the same questions. Are you ready to be challenged to find the answers within yourself?

Kate Ryan received her M.S.C. from Merrimack College and she co-majored in Education and English with a minor in the Theatre Arts as an undergrad at Assumption University. Kate’s life experiences through travel, study, teaching, and the arts continue to open her eyes and mind to new opportunities, cultures, places and friends. The following practices challenge her to stay present, let go and get out of her own way.

Kate is a Masters level counselor and a Whole Health Wellness Educator & Coach certified through the National Institute of Whole Health. She is a Level II Masters Graduate in the Divine Mother Training through the Heart Mind Healer School developed by Annie Bond, owner of Awakening Prana, LLC.


offered through video calls & in person
at 78 Main St, #4, Andover, MA 01810

Initial consultation

Includes The Who, The Why, & Now what?
1.5 Hours: $150

Follow up appointments

50 Minutes: $100

Save 15% with a customized package
includes a 15 minute intro to Awakening Prana release work

Awakening Prana
Self Healing

Release from your own energy body the thoughts, beliefs, and patterns of behavior blocking your way. Realign and bring into balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies that make you the original, unique you!

1.5 Hours: $140

Forms of payment: Cash, Square, Venmo & Debit cards (preferred)


Andover, MA